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Global Forum on Remittances 2013

Organized by IFAD and the World Bank, in collaboration with IAMTN

20-23 May 2013

United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok

Participants: representative from private sector companies, civil society groups and government regulators

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Global Forum on Remittances 2013

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Financing Facilities for Remittances

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Pedro De Vasconcelos
Financing Facilities for Remittances
Via Paolo Di Dono, 44
00142 Rome, Italy
Fax: +39 06 5459 3012
Email: GFR2013@ifad.org

Post-Forum issue

GFR2013 - a forum for thought
As the Global Forum on Remittances drew to a close Wednesday afternoon, the mood among more than 350 participants was one of pleasant surprise. Private sector, civil society and even regulators, it seems, had much more in common than they imagined. Read more

Afterword from the organizer - by Pedro de Vasconcelos, IFAD
Remittances are an enormous potential force for human development. Nearly half a trillion dollars are sent back home each year by migrant workers – that’s much more than the entire economy of the United Arab Emirates, and five times Official Development Assistance. Faced with staggering sums like this, it’s easy to forget about the people behind the numbers and the sacrifices they make in order to get cash back to their families. Read more

The Philippines – remittances pioneer
This week, one country kept coming up as an example of what you can achieve when state, private sector and civil society all embrace remittances as a cornerstone for development and work together toward making every last peso count. Far from a regulatory hindrance, the Philippines central bank is a key ally to one of the world’s most dynamic domestic and international transfer markets. Read more

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