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Global Forum on Remittances 2013

Organized by IFAD and the World Bank, in collaboration with IAMTN

20-23 May 2013

United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok

Participants: representative from private sector companies, civil society groups and government regulators

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Issue 1 – 9 May 2013

Over 370 participants from over 83 countries have registered, and counting...
From 20 to 23 May 2013, Bangkok will be the centre of worldwide discussions on remittances and their impact on the economy of developing countries. The upcoming Global Forum on Remittances (GFR) is attracting hundreds of participants with different regional, professional and cultural backgrounds from all over the world, among which government officials, policy analysts, business leaders, international experts, researchers and various other stakeholders, with the promise of exciting debates on the impact of remittances on development. Read more

USD 1 trillion in remittances: key to rural development
Migrants will send US$1.5 trillion in remittances to rural areas in developing countries in the next five years. IFAD is a United Nations agency with a mandate to eradicate rural poverty. Two hundred million rural people live in poverty. IFAD has acknowledged the fundamental role played by migrant workers and the remittances they send as important agents of development and poverty reduction, and consequently has included this topic as an area of its intervention. Read more

Global Remittance Working Group: Message from Massimo Cirasino
We are very pleased to co-host with IFAD this Forum, which will bring together a wide array of stakeholders in the area of international remittances. The Forum will provide a platform where different players share experiences and good practices on transparency, payment systems infrastructures, legal and regulatory framework, competition and developmental impact of international remittances. Read more

Remittances to Asia: the largest market in the world
For the first time in the history of the Global Forum on Remittances, IAMTN will participate as a co-organizer jointly with IFAD and the World Bank. This fourth Global Remittances Forum, will take place this May in Bangkok and focus on both the global and the Asian remittance market. At IAMTN we are very glad to see that this will be the first time that a significant number of actors from across the private, governmental, civil society and regulatory sectors will gather in one place to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the huge global flows of remittances. Read more

The "Marketplaceā€ of the GFR 2013: The Place to Network
Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, pauses in between panels and sessions are undoubtedly a fertile ground for networking, exchanging comments and innovative ideas, but above all, for building partnerships…In Bangkok, for the entire duration of the Global Forum for Remittances (GFR 2013) hosted at the modern United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC), participants will have the opportunity to meet at “The Marketplace”, a dedicated area between the two main conference rooms where the various sessions of the event will take place, and obtain information from other stakeholders, setup partnerships and exchange innovative ideas. Read more

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