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  • 2017

  • 24 May : IFAD President travels to Uganda to discuss support for small scale farmers amid surge in refugees
  • 19 May : Inclusive finance is key to ensure food security and transform the rural areas in East and Southern Africa
  • 12 May : First IFAD-financed project in Montenegro to support economic and climatic resilience
  • 3 May : La Mauritanie et le FIDA lancent un nouveau projet de développement des filières inclusives pour combattre la faim et la pauvreté dans les zones rurales
  • 21 April : IFAD to invest US$13.3 million to integrate smallholder goat breeders into emerging value chains in Argentina
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  • Potatoes originated in the Andes and the area boasts more than 4000 different varieties. But across Bolivia, a changing climate has put this staple food in danger.