Rural Development Report 2016 Media Package

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Rural Development Report 2016 Overview
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Regional Challenges and what can be done

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Global Launch, Rome

Regional Rollout

  • Mexico City, Mexico, at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on 29 September (Latin America and the Caribbean Division) 
  • Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, with the African Development Bank, on 23 November (West and Central Africa Division)
  • New Delhi, India, co-hosted by the Ministry of Finance, on 17 October (Asia and the Pacific Division) 
  • Nairobi, Kenya, on 25 October (East and Southern Africa Division - ESA) 
  • Tunis, Tunisia, on 7 November (tbc) (Near East, North Africa and Europe)



Media contacts

James Heer
Television Broadcast
Tel: +390654592550
David Paqui
East and West Africa
Tel: +390654592213
Joanne Levitan
Communications Officer: Senior

Tel: +390654592509
Susan Beccio
Asia and the Pacific
Tel: +390654592479
Jessica Thomas
General inquiries
Tel: +390654592215
Juan Cortes
Latin America and the Caribbean
Tel: +390654592882








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