Corporate procurement

Procurement of services and goods for IFAD corporate operations

The IFAD Procurement Section is responsible for procuring goods and services that are required for corporate operations. The Procurement Section ensures that the purchase process respects the principles of fairness, integrity and transparency through competition. IFAD is committed to achieving the best value for money and cost effectiveness, while taking other factors into account, such as social and environmental sustainability.

General terms of conditions

The IFAD General Terms and Conditions for procurement are incorporated in all IFAD contract documents, and shall form an integral part of any commercial contract awarded by IFAD. Vendors are encouraged to take note of the IFAD General Terms and Conditions before registering, as IFAD vendors and all sub-contractors are required to abide by them and the UN Supplier Code of Conduct.

Vendor registration

IFAD actively seeks to establish relationships with vendors from IFAD Members States, particularly from developing countries and economies in transition. Commercial companies and no-profit entities wishing to do business with IFAD are invited to register through the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) portal.

Access to business opportunities and tender notices

Through UNGM, Vendors have online access to tender opportunities published by IFAD and other UN Agencies as members of the UNGM portal. 

Please note that registering with UNGM does not guarantee that a Vendor is invited to participate in tender opportunities by IFAD or other UN Agencies. Vendors should check tender opportunities regularly in UNGM. An automatic Tender Alert Service, linked to the UNSPSC codes, is also available from UNGM, upon payment of an annual fee. 

Common procurement team of FAO, IFAD and WFP

The Rome-based agencies, IFAD, FAO and WFP have a Common Procurement Team that conducts joint tenders on behalf of the three agencies. These business opportunities are accessible through UNGM and can be led by any of the three Rome-based agencies.

Competitive Procurement Process in UNGM

The e-tendering system of IFAD is directly linked to the UNGM portal.

IFAD publishes formal bidding processes such as: Requests for Expression of Interest (REOI), Request for Quote (RFQ), Request for Proposal (RFP) and Invitation to Bid (ITB) on the UNGM portal. Registered Vendors can express interest (EOI) to participate in the competitive process by submitting the requested pre-qualification documentation.

If the Expression of Interest is accepted by IFAD, the registered Vendor will be linked to the competitive bidding process and given access to the documentation through the UNGM portal, under the menu option "My Tenders".

Vendors can view the status of the competitive process through on the related UNGM pages.

Contract awards and contract management

Successful Vendors will receive a contract award notification and will be able to access contract information through UNGM.

Regular updates of contractual information linked to Key Performance Indicators may be requested from successful Vendors and Contractors.

Procured goods and services

When registering, Vendors must identify and indicate the products or services offered using the UNCCS coding system. This will ensure that the Vendor is correctly classified for invitations to tenders that are relevant to their business.

Common goods and services regularly procured by IFAD include the following items: 


Computer hardware and software, computer supplies, furniture, maintenance equipment and supplies, office supplies and stationery, printing equipment, telecommunication equipment, vehicles, various fittings


Architectural and engineering services, audio-visual services auditing, catering and hospitality, cleaning, consultancy, courier and mailing, conference and event management, facility technical maintenance, financial services, gardening, ICT project management, ICT software development, insurance, investment management, moving, storage and shipping, printing and publishing, printing supplies, procurement, project management, refurbishing works, rental services, security and custody, training and staff development, travel.

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