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Achieving exponential impact through partnerships

IFAD works tirelessly to empower rural people around the world. But alone, we can only do so much.

By collaborating with key players in the rural and agriculture sectors, we amplify IFAD’s impact by pooling investments, we boost development by brokering partnerships, and we advance ingenuity by bringing innovations from the lab to the field.

Only by working together can IFAD ensure impact at scale, achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and fulfil its mission of empowering rural people.

IFAD is always searching for new partners to build collective impact.




Today, private sector investment is increasingly fuelling agricultural growth, opening up income-generating and employment opportunities for rural populations, and for smallholder farmers in particular. 


Foundations and philanthropic organizations collaborate with IFAD because of our global reach with key stakeholders, including governments and rural development projects in almost 100 countries worldwide, and because our strategies align with national priorities. IFAD is a suitable partner for foundations who want to make a sustainable impact, while the flexibility of foundation support helps IFAD explore and scale new ideas and innovations.


IFAD has 178 Member States, and counting – more countries are joining every year because of our unique commitment to rural transformation and smallholder farmers.  For our member countries and bilateral donors, IFAD’s special mandate and ongoing projects in almost 100 countries offer a way to effectively deliver development finance and support to small farmers and rural communities. For our recipient members, IFAD is a trusted partner who brings expertise and technical knowledge to help strengthen the capacity of national partners and their institutions.

Multilateral organizations

IFAD partners with a wide range of multilateral organizations for knowledge generation and sharing, advocacy and engagement around inclusive pro-poor policies, and collaboration and cofinancing of investment projects. Our partners include multilateral development banks and international financial institutions, regional organizations, multilateral climate and environment funds, and other multilateral organizations.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Working with civil society organizations and NGOs is key to IFAD’s work to reduce global poverty, as they are often able to reach segments of rural populations that governments neglect or do not target as priority. We partner with NGOs in a number of ways. At the local level, projects and programmes supported by IFAD often leverage the experience of NGOs and their local knowledge for project implementation. IFAD also supports NGOs on regional and global initiatives relating to our advocacy and research initiatives.

Producer organizations

Producer organizations are important institutions that deliver services to their members and speak on their behalf. They’re key actors in social and policy dialogue at the local, national and international levels. IFAD involves rural producers and their organizations in the design and implementation of our strategies and projects. We also help broker innovative public-private-producer partnerships that bring producer organizations and private sector operators together to ensure public-private collaborations are also benefiting small producers.

Research and academic institutions

Research is critical to sustainable development. IFAD partners with a number of agricultural research institutions and academic institutions in order to share knowledge and strengthen food security. We also play a lead role in a number of networks and knowledge platforms that pioneer innovation in research for agricultural development and forge new collaborations to improve access to information, finance and risk analysis.  

United Nations agencies

IFAD is both a specialized United Nations agency and an international financial institution (IFI). This unique identity allows us to consistently deliver results on the ground and in the policy arena that benefit rural communities. IFAD has a special relationship with the two other Rome-based UN agencies – the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Programme (WFP) – with which we share a common vision of reducing poverty and promoting food security through sustainable agriculture. The UN also has a number of programmes and funds with whom IFAD has formalized relations.