IFAD annual report 2011

In IFAD's 2011 Annual Report you can read the stories of determined women and men who have changed their lives and their communities with their own energy and initiative, plus support from some innovative rural development projects. This year's report also spotlights IFAD's work to help rural people adapt to the risks and ravages of climate change. The Annual Report tells IFAD's story for 2011, providing the facts and figures that the organization regularly shares with its Member States and partners around the world. Please take five minutes to answer our short readership survey about this year's edition.


Table of contents

IFAD at a glance, 1978-2011IFAD at a glance, 1978-2011
Key figures on IFAD-supported programmes and projects, loans and grants, cofinancing, contributions and more.

President's foreword
"2011 has been a year in which we have consolidated recent progress and reforms, continued to grow robustly, and laid ambitious plans for the future." IFAD President, Kanayo F. Nwanze, highlights progress made with the backing of our partners, and looks ahead at how we will continue to build on our successes.

IFAD strategic framework 2011-2015 IFAD strategic framework 2011-2015
IFAD's current strategic framework takes us up to the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals.  It is driven by our overarching goal of enabling poor rural people to improve their food and nutrition security, raise their incomes and strengthen their resilience.

Facing challenges – sharing solutionsFacing challenges – sharing solutions
We are a learning organization striving to innovate and build and share knowledge. Here we spotlight priority issues and key groups

Programme of work for 2011Programme of work for 2011
With 240 projects and programmes under way in 94 countries, we look at the priorities in each region and the results achieved. Stories from the field bring our work to life. 

Cooperation with partners is a fundamental component of our business model. In addition to working closely with a wide range of actors, we also broker partnerships between others, including to strengthen South-South cooperation.

Measuring and improving resultsMeasuring and improving results
Transparent measurement and reporting of results is essential to a results-based organization. This chapter spotlights the mechanisms we use for this and looks at results achieved in 2011.

Financing data and resource mobilizationFinancing data and resource mobilization
Tables and charts give detailed financing data relating to the funds we receive and the investments we make. This chapter also covers the regional dimensions of our portfolio and our support to debt relief.  

Summary of 2011 programmes, projects and grants
Programmes, projects and grants approved by the IFAD Executive Board in 2011 are briefly described.

Organization, membership and presentation
IFAD structure, Member States and representatives of governing bodies.

Publications in 2011
A selection of publications, papers, and public information and advocacy materials released by IFAD this year.