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Increasing the production of traditional crops in Brazil

Thanks to investment and training from IFAD, the Kirirí indigenous community of Bahia, Brazil have increased their production capacity for traditional crops. Now Adriana Pantaleón dos Santos, a young Kirirí girl is able to save money to fulfil her dream of going to university in the state capital. ©IFAD/Lianne Milton/Panos 10 February 2017 - A better life will soon be a reality for Adriana Pantaleón dos Santos, a 19-year-old from the Kirirí indigenous community of Marcação, Brazil. Since she started to work at the cassava processing unit, she is now able to save extra money so that she can study Medicine at the Federal University of Bahia, in Salvador.  Santos descends from a long line of indigenous peoples who have cultivated the land using traditional methods. In 1995, after long years of struggle, the Kiriri indigenous people regained their ancestral lands in the north-eastern state of Bahia, Brazil. That was the...


IFAD to host high-level conference on innovative approaches to financing for rural development

Women pastoralists gather in Gujarat, India. Two-thirds of rural inhabitants depend on roughly 500 million small and family farms for their livelihood. These farmers face significant constraints in accessing resources and technology. ©IFAD/Michael Benanav 16 January 2017 – IFAD is joining forces with the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Brookings Institution and the University of Warwick to host an international conference in Rome aimed at advancing global efforts to end extreme poverty and hunger by 2030 through greater investments in rural development and innovative financing for smallholder agriculture that benefits the rural poor. On 25 to 27 January, the first-ever Investing in Inclusive Rural Transformation: Innovative Approaches to Financing conference will bring together a diverse cross section of government, public and private-sector stakeholders for three days of lively and thoughtful...

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Peru: The Majaz case

In 2001, Monterrico Metals plc., acquired 8 mining concessions in Peru, one of which concerns the Río Blanco project in the north of Peru. If everything goes as planned, said project will involve opening one of the largest open pit copper mines of Peru, clearing the way for a large-scale mining district in the High Amazone region with serious social-economic and ecological consequences.


Producing climate smart cassava in Mozambique

As climate change continues to devastate rural farming, one IFAD project is using stem plantation to help farmers adapt.

Over 400 million poor rural people have participated in programmes and projects supported by IFAD and partners around the world, and they all have stories to tell. Here are some of those stories, featuring women and men who are working to overcome poverty and determine the direction of their own lives. These ground-level accounts of hope and empowerment reside on the Rural Poverty Portal, powered by IFAD.