Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP)

Pollo Pibil

Mexico is facing decreasing biodiversity, major deforestation and increasing greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is causing increased climate shocks which are negatively affecting smallholder farmers and traditional recipes like Pollo Pibil. Read more on how IFAD is working to reverse the damage and protect farmers and food.

COP 23 - UN climate change conference

Governments will convene in Bonn, Germany to train the world’s attention on fulfilling the goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Trees of hope

An IFAD-supported project in Kenya is planting over two million trees to help rural communities combat the threat of drought.

Green Climate Fund accredits IFAD as a partner agency

Recent accreditation by the world’s largest climate fund enables IFAD to fight climate change and enhance the resilience of rural people worldwide.

How To Do Note on Fisheries, Aquaculture and Climate Change

The How To Do Note on Fisheries, Aquaculture and Climate Change describes a range of multiple-benefit options for integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation into IFAD interventions in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

The Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP) channels climate finance to smallholder farmers so they can access the information, tools and technologies that will help build their resilience to climate change. Launched by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in 2012, ASAP has become the largest global financing source dedicated to supporting the adaptation of poor smallholder farmers to climate change, with committed funding of US$301.5 million.

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  • Biomimic Tree - Pushing Agriculture Up the Agenda @COP23

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