Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples´ Forum at IFAD

The Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD

The Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD is a concrete way for IFAD to institutionalize consultation and dialogue with representatives of indigenous peoples’ institutions.

The Forum focuses on monitoring and evaluating implementation of the IFAD Policy on Engagement with Indigenous Peoples and in promoting the participation of indigenous peoples in IFAD activities at country, regional and international levels, at all stages of project and programme cycles. The Forum supports IFAD to translate the policy's principles into action on the ground.

Fully aligned with IFAD's strategic objectives, the Forum is a process of dialogue whose global meetings are held every two years for a global consultation in conjunction with IFAD's Governing Council. Issues, concerns, and lessons shared during the meeting and regional working sessions preceding the global meeting, are captured in a Synthesis of Deliberations and shared with participants and IFAD management for discussion and endorsement. The Synthesis is further presented to IFAD’s Governing Council.

Since its launch in 2011, the Forum has been a privileged platform where indigenous peoples’ representatives have expressed clear concerns, requests and recommendations to improve the modalities of partnerships they develop with IFAD and therefore the effectiveness of IFAD-funded projects.

The second global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD

In February 2015, representatives from indigenous peoples’ organizations and institutions met at IFAD headquarters in Rome for the second global meeting of the Forum, with the theme “Indigenous peoples’ food systems and sustainable livelihoods”.

Participants called on IFAD to support initiatives to recognize and protect indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, territories and resources; strengthen their participation throughout the programme and project cycles; ensure that free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) is systematically and properly sought in the context of IFAD-funded projects targeting or affecting IPs; and provide capacity-building and facilitate dialogue between indigenous peoples and governments on sustainable livelihoods. Participants further committed to work with IFAD to document and scale up sustainable livelihood practices, and to build alliances and share good practices with partners working on issues related to sustainable livelihoods and food systems. Finally, the indigenous peoples’ representatives recommended IFAD to design targeted initiatives for indigenous women and youth in order to promote traditional economies and marketing in IFAD-funded projects.   

The third global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD

“Economic empowerment of indigenous peoples, with a focus on women and youth”, will be the overall theme for the third global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples Forum at IFAD, scheduled to take place at IFAD Headquarters in Rome on Friday 10 and Monday 13 February 2017. This will also be the theme of the regional consultations that will be organized in preparation for the global meeting between November and December 2016.