Scaling up micro-irrigation systems in India, Madagascar and Guatemala (SCAMPIS)

The goal of the scaling up micro-irrigation systems project in India, Madagascar and Guatemala (SCAMPIS) is to improve the livelihoods and food security of 30,000 smallholder farmer households, especially women in these countries.

To achieve this goal, the project is using micro-irrigation systems (MIS)  and where appropriate uses liquid organic fertilizer systems (LOF) to address the following challenges:

  • water scarcity and low soil fertility which negatively impact productivity

  • providing organic fertilizers  to smallholder farmers

SCAMPIS is funded by COOPERNIC (Coopérative européenne de référencement et de négociation des indépendants commerçants). COOPERNIC is a European sourcing alliance of independent retailers – COLRUYT (Belgium), CONAD (Italy), COOP (Switzerland), E.LECLERC (France) and REWE Group (Germany) – that contributes to sustainable social development since its creation in 2006.

SCAMPIS objectives

  • improve food security

  • improve water management and increase water availability for agricultural activities

  • help smallholders to mitigate water scarcity during the dry seasons

  • improve soil fertility

  • strengthen a private sector supply chains for the delivery of technologies

  • raise awareness of policy makers, donors, private sector on micro irrigation systems advantages

SCAMPIS projects


Implementing partner: Fundación de la Caficultura para el Desarrollo Rural  (FUNCAFE')

IFAD related ongoing project:
National Rural Development Programme (ProRural)

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Implementing partner: International Development Enterprises - India (IDE – India )

IFAD related ongoing project:
Orissa Tribal Empowerment and  Livelihood Programme (OTELP)

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EP Laxmidhar IDEI



Implementing partner: Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (AVSF)

IFAD related ongoing projects:
Support Programme for Rural Microenterprise Poles and Regional Economies (PROSPERER)

Rural Income Promotion Programme (PPRR)

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Stories from the field

Drip irrigation technology in Madagascar: a successful example of scaling up

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Scaling up micro irrigation systems in Madagascar - AVSF