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Zero carbon imprint

IFAD commits to zero carbon initiative

In July 2007 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for UN agencies to make their premises and their operations carbon neutral. He stressed the urgency of acting immediately.

"I am convinced that this challenge, and what we do about it, will define us, our era, and ultimately, our global legacy," he said. "We cannot continue with business as usual. The time has come for decisive action on a global scale."

Raising awareness and taking action
IFAD has committed to playing a proactive role in the UN Zero Carbon Initiative. Three working groups have been set up at IFAD to define how the organization intends to respond to climate change and what actions it will take to reduce its own carbon imprint.

In focus


  • In the North East of Brazil, millions of people battle to grow food around their houses due to toxic grey water from washing and sewage that runs outside

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