International Forum on Remittances 2007: agenda

Day 1: 18 October 2007
8:00 Registration
Session 1: Inauguration International Remittance Forum
IDB Auditorium (A-3)

Welcome and introductory remarks

  • Luis Alberto Moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Lennart Båge, President, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Migration and remittances:
Implications and prospects for Europe and the Western Hemisphere

  • Charles Klingman, Senior-Level Policy Expert and Director for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Compliance Policy , United States Department of the Treasury , Office of the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance
  • Carlos Westendorp y Cabeza, Ambassador of Spain to the United States
  • Angelo Baglio, Assistant Deputy Director-General EuropeAid Co-operation Office


Session II: Migration and remittances worldwide: Human face of globalization
IDB Auditorium (A-3)


Measuring remittance flows in the Western Hemisphere and rural LAC

  • Donald Terry, Manager, Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)

Country-by-country map of worldwide remittances: A rural development opportunity?

  • Kevin Cleaver, Assistant President, Programme Management Department (IFAD)
11:00 Coffee break

Impact of remittances: From a poverty reduction tool to a development plan
III: Remittances: Enabling environment and realities
IDB Auditorium (A-3)


Richard Lapper, Latin America Editor, Financial Times


Accounting for remittances flows worldwide

  • Manuel Orozco, Professor, Remittances and Development Program, Inter-American Dialogue (IAD)

Regulatory environment in the remittance market in 2007 

  • Nikos Passas, Professor, Northeastern University (US)

Microfinance: Keystone for Rural Remittances 

  • Jennifer Isern, Lead Microfinance Specialist,  Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)



Postal networks and remittances: Outreach and financial services

  • Serguei Nanba, Coordinator, Financial postal Services, Universal Postal Union (UPU)

Microfinance, remittances and housing: Building a dream

  • Kai Schmitz, Executive Vice President/COO, Microfinance International (MFIC)
13:00 Questions and answers
13:10 Lunch break
Session IV: Round table discussion
Billions in motion: Social, economic and wealth opportunities
IDB Auditorium (A-3)


  • Kathleen Newland, Director, Migration Policy Institute (MPI)
  • Raul Hinojosa, Research Director, NAID Center, University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles
  • Dilip Ratha, Senior Economist, Migration and Remittances Team, Development Prospects Group , World Bank
15:30 Questions and answers
15:45 Coffee break
Session V: Remittances and international development effort
IDB Auditorium (A-3)

Pedro De Vasconcelos, Remittances Program Coordinator, IFAD

Remittances as a development tool in LAC

  • Natasha Bajuk, Remittances Program Coordinator,  Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)

Facilitate the flow of remittances

  • Thomas Debass, Senior Remittance and Diaspora Advisor, United States Agency for International Development  (USAID)

World Bank/CPSS task force on remittances

Euro-Mediterranean remittances: Investments and partnerships

  • Pedro J. F. de Lima, Deputy Economic Advisor, European Investment Bank  
17:15 Questions and answers

Conclusions of the day

  • Donald Terry, Manager, Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF)
18:00 Cocktail
IDB Atrium

Day 2: 19 October 2007
Enhancing the remittance market: Financial inclusion, business models and technology

Session VI-A:
Financial inclusion:
Connecting financial opportunities
IDB Auditorium (A-3)

Session VI-B:
Investment opportunities
for migrant's capital in rural areas
Conference Room 2 (CR-2)


Henri Dommel
, Director, Financial Inclusion Practice Area, United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)
Manuel Orozco, Professor,
Remittances and Development Program,
Inter-American Dialogue (US)


  • Diwa Guinigundo, Deputy Governor, Monetary Stability Sector, Central Bank of the Philippines
  • Henrik Parl, Managing Director,Eurogiro Network A/S (Denmark)
  • Mónica Brand, Vice President and Program Manager ACCION Internacional
  • Carlos Heisecke-Rivarola, Director,Financiera El Comercio, S.A.E.C.A (Paraguay)


  • Ildefonso F. Bagasao, Chair, Economic Resource Center for Overseas Filipinos (ERCOF) (Philippines)
  • Danny Bradlow, Professor, American University, Washington College of Law(US)
  • Rodolfo Garcia Zamora, Professor, University of Zacatecas, Diaspora business plans (Mexico)
  • Leila Rispens-Noel, Programme Officer Bureau Popular Campaigning , Oxfam-Novib, Netherlands

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

11:30 Coffee break

Session VII-A:
Innovation in services and technology:
SMS and e-Banking for the rural poor
IDB Auditorium (A-3)

Session VII-B:
Gender dimension  of migration and remittances for rural development
Conference Room 2 (CR-2)


Pedro De Vasconcelos
, Remittances Program Coordinator (IFAD)

Rosemary Vargas-Lundius
, Policy Division, (IFAD)



  • Carmen Moreno, Director, INSTRAW
  • Petra Mezzetti, Researcher , CESPI
  • Odile Ngo Mbilla Moukouri, Association des femmes de l'Afrique Subsaharienne A.D.A.S.
  • Linda Mayoux,Initiative  International Development Consultancy


13:15 Questions and answers Questions and answers
13:30 End of forum