IFAD decision tools for rural finance

The IFAD Decision Tools for Rural Finance are designed to provide decision-making support for country programme managers (CPMs), consultants, project staff and technical advisers who develop and implement rural finance projects.

Built on the IFAD Rural Finance Policy (RFP) (IFAD 2009), as well as other good practice guides, this knowledge management tool is designed to help identify and answer the questions that arise in each rural finance project, provide background on key issues, define common terms, highlight risks and opportunities, and provide references for further investigation.

The Decision Tools are divided into five main sections, each with a specific objective:

  • Introduction – understanding the fundamentals. Review rural finance basics and IFAD's role in the sector
  • Assessing the market. Analyse the status of a financial sector and identify the gaps
  • Designing a project. Define the interventions in a rural finance project
  • Assessing and selecting project implementation partners. Assess and select project implementation partners through a transparent, competitive process
  • Conducting performance monitoring and evaluation. Effectively conduct ongoing and annual performance monitoring.

This operational tool is the result of an intensive consultation process with colleagues both within and outside IFAD. The Decision Tools were discussed and reviewed with the IFAD Thematic Group on Rural Finance and with key leaders from numerous partner institutions and centres of excellence in microfinance.

The IFAD Decision Tools for Rural Finance are available in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

The Decision Tools are a ‘living document' that will be continuously updated and improved to reflect the development of the industry, innovations, IFAD's increasing experience, and case studies of these good practices at work. Please send any comments and suggestions to improve the Decision Tools to our team by filling in the form below:


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