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    • What others say about IFAD

      What others say about IFAD

    • What meets the eye: Images of rural poverty (2002)

      At the heart of every human experience is the desire to survive and prosper. To live without fear, hunger or suffering. To imagine how your life could be better and then have the means yourself to change it. Yet, every day, 1.2 billion people – one fifth of the world's inhabitants – cannot fulfil their most basic needs, let alone attain their dreams or desires.
      This book is about the largest segment of the world's poor – the 900 million poor women, children and men who live in rural environments. These are the subsistence farmers and herders, the fisherfolk and migrant workers, the artisans and indigenous peoples whose daily struggles seldom capture world attention.
      What meets the eye, a collection of 111 photographs, records the lives of poor people in rural settings around the world. This unique volume illustrates that poverty isn't always what meets the eye. For in each photograph, in each face you encounter, there are glimpses of determination, moments of joy – signs that even when there is nothing else, there is always hope.