Partnering with companies

IFAD invests in projects that help small farmers increase their productivity, connect to markets and meet quality standards so that they can increase their incomes and improve their lives. For the private sector, the 500 million small farms in the developing world represent a huge opportunity to source products and inputs sustainably and inclusively.

As a trusted partner of governments around the world, IFAD also supports enabling policy and regulatory environment for investment in smallholder agriculture and rural areas. Through our trusted relationships with governments, and with farmers and their organizations, IFAD helps to broker inclusive and responsible public-private-producer partnerships with companies that grasp the potential of smallholder agriculture. 

Some key partnerships:




In 2016, IFAD facilitated a partnership between Olam Nigeria Limited and rice farmers in Benue, Nigeria. Olam has committed to providing the farmers with training and inputs and has guaranteed to purchase all the rice paddy produced by the farmers at the prevailing market price. 

" I want to acknowledge the IFAD team for the significant impact it is creating in terms of transforming rural livelihoods and promoting sustainable agriculture. Amongst the multi-lateral agencies we have had the good fortune to work with, IFAD really makes a difference."  Sunny Verghese, Cofounder and Group CEO, Olam International


In 2014 IFAD and Unilever signed a global partnership agreement to help improve food security through: raising agricultural productivity; linking farmers to markets; reducing risk and vulnerability; improving non-farm rural employment; and making agriculture more sustainable.

"We need IFAD to help us train the smallholder farmers in soil management, in agricultural techniques, water management... A company itself does not have the capacity to do that. If you work together with the different partners in a value chain, you can solve these problems." Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever

Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation and IFAD have teamed up to increase small farmers' access to information through new Intel software that will help farmers make informed decisions on seed and fertilizer selection, harvest planning and sales management. Watch the video


In Egypt, Heinz is buying more than 6,000 tons of tomatoes a year from small farms on reclaimed desert, providing jobs for young people. Learn more


In Sao Tomé, French organic chocolate company Kaoka is working with IFAD to train farmers and source high quality cocoa from them, resurrecting the island's cocoa industry and reviving the economy. Watch the video

It is very important to have a partner who is present on the ground. IFAD has the connection in the country. It has relationships with the people there. Then we, the private partner, can bring logistics and experience to establish the market chain between the consumers and the producers. Sébastien Balmisse, Kaoka