IFAD in Asia and the Pacific

IFAD's investments in Asia and the Pacific comprise its largest regional portfolio. As of the end of 2012, it was providing more than US$1.6 billion in financing for 60 ongoing programmes and projects in 19 of the region's 30 countries . IFAD also provides regional grants and country-specific grants across the region. With cofinancing by development partners and funds from governments and other domestic sources, all of these operations represent a total investment of more than US$3 billion.

Most of IFAD's investments in the region support financial services, agricultural technologies, production services and community development for poor rural people. Natural resource management is another area of increasing investment.

According to recent assessments, IFAD-financed programmes and projects in Asia and the Pacific have performed best in terms of their approach to targeting and their emphasis on addressing the links between poverty and gender. Their greatest challenges are in the areas of funding disbursement and financial and project management.


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