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Mexico: conference on Evaluation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Experts from all around the world met to show how evaluation works and how it changes lives. Guanajuato hosted this conference called "Evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Transforming life through global and regional partnerships, with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean".

Jointly organized by the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS), and regional evaluation networks: the Latin America and the Caribbean (ReLAC) and the Monitoring & Evaluation Network of Latin America and the Caribbean (REDLACME), the event took place from 4th to 8th December 2017 in Guanajuato, Mexico.

The Independent office of Evaluation of IFAD (IOE) participated in the Conference presenting its added values and contributions to evaluation.

Conference's objectives

The conference aimed to promote the exchange of international, regional and local knowledge and experience on the progress and challenges of monitoring, evaluation and systematization of the SDGs.

IOE contribution to the Conference

Mr Óscar A. García, IOE Director, chaired the session entitled“SDG2 and evaluating the sustainability challenge of rural development and agriculture”. He shared analysis and proposals with the Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for BrazilUnited Nations Development ProgrammeRELAC and World Vision International.

Ms Simona Somma, IOE Evaluation Officer, moderated and delivered a presentation in the session Evaluations to ensure that no one is left behind. She shared the session with the Office of Evaluation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Regional Evaluation Officer of the World Food Programme and the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. The purpose of this presentation is to share the key findings of selected evaluations by IOE and its overall experience in evaluating the results of IFAD-funded projects in reaching vulnerable groups.

Moreover, Ms Somma also participated in the session hosted by the FAO Office of Evaluation on evaluability of SDG2 – Zero Hunger. She presented the key outcomes of the technical seminar “Enhancing the evaluability of Sustainable Development Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” (17-18 November 2015, IFAD HQ, Rome) as well as of the international conference “Information and Communication Technologies for Evaluation (ICT4Eval)” (6-7 June 2017, IFAD HQ, Rome). Her speech  focused on the role of ICT in progressing towards the assessment of SDG2.

More information in the web site of the Conference and in Twitter under the hashtag #EvalGlobalac17


04 December 2017 - 08 December 2017