At IFAD, a ‘scaling up’ state of mind


Innovation in agricultural development can work wonders, as IFAD has demonstrated in more than three decades of impactful work with smallholder farmers around the world. But sometimes innovation isn't enough. Sometimes you have to build upon your experience, think bigger and take successful innovation to scale.

For IFAD, now is one of those times.

As part of its most recent replenishment of funding from member states, IFAD has set ambitious, accelerated targets for reducing rural poverty between now and 2015. To reach those targets – and to help meet the Millennium Development Goals on poverty reduction – the organization plans to leverage its investments more strategically with the private sector and other partners. Equally important, IFAD's institutional mind-set is in the midst of transformation towards a greater focus on "scaling up."

What is scaling up?

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IFAD is working to advance the scaling up agenda with:


  • Consumer demand for organic, fair trade chocolate is helping to revive an entire sector of the economy in Sao Tome. Thanks to an initiative first proposed by IFAD, 1400 farmers on this island 230 kilometres of the west coast of Africa have switched to organic cocoa production and are earning more money as a result.