IFAD operations in West and Central Africa

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Depuis 1978, le FIDA a financé 10 projets et programmes de développement rural au Bénin, pour un montant total de 117,2 millions de dollars . Read more

Burkina Faso
Depuis 1981, le FIDA a financé 12 projets et programmes au Burkina Faso pour un montant total de 158,6 millions de dollars des États-Unis . Read more

Français Since 1981, IFAD has financed nine rural development programmes and projects in Cameroon . Read more

Cape Verde
Depuis 1978, le FIDA a financé 5 projets et programmes de développement rural au Cap-Vert, pour un montant total de 34,9 millions de dollars. Le programme de lutte contre la pauvreté en milieu rural est actuellement le seul en cours . Read more

Since 1992 IFAD has approved seven loans to Chad for a total amount of US$91.4 million. In addition to loans, Chad has received a significant amount of grant funds, including two Belgian Survival Fund Joint Programme grants totalling US$3.7 million, a supplementary grant of US$1 . Read more

Since 1983, IFAD has provided US$56.0 million to support seven projects in the Republic of Congo. Four projects are completed and three are in progress . Read more

Cote d^Ivoire
Since 1984, IFAD has invested US$141.1 million in 10 programmes and projects in Côte d'Ivoire with a total value of US$340 million. The Agricultural Rehabilitation and Poverty Reduction Project and the Support to Agricultural Production and Marketing Project are both ongoing. They became effective in 2009 and 2012, respectively . Read more

DR Congo
IFAD has supported rural development initiatives in DR Congo since 1980, although civil conflict interrupted its operations there for more than a decade. From 1980 to 1991, and from 2004 to the present, 476,000 households have benefited from seven IFAD-funded programmes with a total cost of US$275 million, of which approved IFAD loans and grants account for over US$150 million . Read more

. Read more

Gambia (The)
IFAD has financed nine programmes and projects in The Gambia since 1982, investing a total of US$53.6 million and directly benefiting more than 126,000 rural households. The majority of beneficiaries are women. Five of the projects were initiated by IFAD, two by the World Bank's International Development Association and two by the African Development Bank (AfDB) . Read more

IFAD's overarching objective in Ghana is to reduce poverty in line with the Government's economic development strategy. Since it began operations there in 1980, IFAD has approved US$271.5 million in loans and grants to support 17 projects and programmes worth a total investment cost of US$782.7 million . Read more

IFAD began operations in Guinea in 1980. Since then, it has invested US$181.1 million in 12 projects for a total project cost of US$344.3 million. In the period since 2000, the socio-economic and political situation in Guinea has degenerated, and poor people have been particularly affected by the downturn . Read more

There have been four IFAD-funded projects in Guinea-Bissau with total funding of US$46.4 million . Read more

To address Liberia's challenges as a least developed country facing widespread food insecurity, IFAD's operations there aim to empower poor rural people, enabling them to sustainably improve their food security and livelihoods . Read more

Le FIDA a démarré ses opérations au Mali en 1982, soit depuis 30 ans cette année. Le FIDA y a financé 12 projets (dont 5 actifs) pour un coût total de 488 millions de dollars des Etats Unis, dont 186 millions (39%) sous forme de prêts à conditions particulièrement favorables . Read more

Depuis 1980, le FIDA a financé 13 projets et programmes en Mauritanie pour un coût total de 291,1 millions de dollars, dont 115,1 millions de dollars octroyés sous la forme de dons ou de prêts concessionnels . Read more

Since 1980, IFAD has financed 12 operations in Niger, five of which are ongoing. IFAD's interventions in the country have worked to strengthen the capacities and coping mechanisms of small-scale rural producers, with an emphasis on the most marginalized socio-economic groups . Read more

Since 1985, IFAD has financed nine programmes and projects in Nigeria, with a total loan commitment of over US$232.2 million. The country currently attracts over 40 per cent of the financial resources that IFAD allocates to Western and Central Africa . Read more

Español Since 1982 IFAD has approved eight loans to Panama for a total of US$80.7 million, for projects with a total cost of US$193.7 million. The organization has also financed three grants for a total of US$325,000 . Read more

Sao Tome and Principe
Since 1985 IFAD has supported agricultural development and rural poverty reduction in the country through loans financing five programmes and projects. IFAD's investments amount to US$20.6 million, out of a total cost of US$36.7 million . Read more

Depuis 1979, le FIDA a financé 15 projets de développement rural au Sénégal, pour un montant total de 180,8 millions de dollars. Après une décennie marquée par un partenariat limité en raison des fréquents aménagements de la politique agricole, la coopération s'est intensifiée dans les années 90 . Read more

Sierra Leone
Since the organization initiated its first project in the country in 1980, IFAD has provided a total of US$ 127.2 million in financing for seven loans and three grants for programmes and projects with a total cost of US$249.8 million. Operations were suspended during the civil war, and started up again after the war ended in 2002 . Read more

Working together for long-term agricultural and rural development During the 1990s, Togo suffered through a socio-political crisis, an economic regression and a decrease in public and international aid. As a result, an estimated 62 per cent of the population currently lives below the poverty line . Read more