IFAD Governing Body Documents

IFAD's disclosed governing body documents (public site):

In 1996, the International Fund for Agricultural Development undertook the task of formulating a Policy on the Disclosure of Documents for presentation to and approval by its governing bodies. The intent was twofold: first, to endow IFAD with the means of increasing its accountability, transparency and service to its stakeholder community while furthering general knowledge about its role in promoting sustainable development; second, and intimately related to the first, to put in place the legal framework to establish IFAD as a knowledge organization.

At its Twenty-First Session (document GC 21/L.8), the Governing Council adopted the Executive Board's recommendations on the IFAD Policy on the Disclosure of Documents (EB97/61/R.11 and EB 97/62/R.38). It approved an eighteen-month interim phase (July 1998-December 1999) during which governing body documents were made available on IFAD's Web site in the official languages.

The report of the Consultation on the Seventh Replenishment of IFAD's Resources recommended that the Executive Board review the IFAD Policy on the Disclosure of Documents, taking into consideration the Consultation's deliberations on the current policy, in particular the recommendation to disclose policy, strategy and loan documents when they are presented to the  Executive Board.

As a result of its review of document EB 2006/89/R.5/Rev.1, the Executive Board approved the recommendation that, inter alia, all documents submitted to the Governing Council (including its Replenishment Consultations) and the Executive Board (including the Evaluation Committee) be disclosed to the public at the time they are made available to the Directors and Governors on the Internet.