List of documents to be placed before the 100th session of the Executive Board

Agenda item 2
EB 2010/100/R.1/Rev.2 Agenda

Agenda item 4

EB 2010/100/R.2/Rev.1 High level preview of IFAD's 2011 results-based programme of work and administrative and capital budgets, and preview of the Office of Evaluation's results-based work programme and budget for 2011 and indicative plan for 2012-2013

Agenda item 5

EB 2010/100/R.3/Rev.1 IFAD Policy on the Disclosure of Documents (2010)

Agenda item 6

EB 2010/100/R.4/Rev.2 Guidelines for Dealing with De Facto Governments

Agenda item 7: Evaluation

EB 2010/100/R.5 Report of the Chairperson of the Evaluation Committee on the country visit to Mozambique
EB 2010/100/R.6 Report of the Chairperson on the sixty-third session of the Evaluation Committee

Agenda item 8

EB 2010/100/R.7 + Add.1 President's Report on the Implementation Status of Evaluation Recommendations and Management Actions (PRISMA)

Agenda item 9

EB 2010/100/R.8/Rev.1 + Clean copy Consultation on the Ninth Replenishment of IFAD's resources: Establishment and selection of chair

Agenda item 10: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2010/100/R.9 Côte d'Ivoire: Country strategic opportunities programme

Agenda item 11

EB 2010/100/R.10 IFAD's lending terms and conditions – Hardened terms

Agenda item 12

EB 2010/100/R.11 + ADD.1 Resources available for commitment

Agenda item 13: Project/programme proposals for consideration by the Executive Board

West and Central Africa

EB 2010/100/R.12/Rev.1 Guinea: National Programme to Support Agricultural Value Chain Actors
EB 2010/100/R.13/Rev.1 Guinea-Bissau: President's memorandum: Rural Rehabilitation and Community Development Project – Supplementary grant
EB 2010/100/R.14/Rev.2 Mali: Fostering Agricultural Productivity Project
EB 2010/100/R.15/Rev.1 Mali: President's memorandum: Northern Regions Investment and Rural Development Programme – Supplementary grant
EB 2010/100/R.16/Rev.1 Nigeria: President's memorandum: Community-Based Agricultural and Rural Development Programme – Supplementary loan
EB 2010/100/R.17/Rev.1 Sao Tome and Principe: President's memorandum: Participatory Smallholder Agriculture and Artisanal Fisheries Development Programme – Supplementary grant
East and Southern Africa
EB 2010/100/R.18 Angola: President's memorandum: Request for a waiver of the policy on taxes for the Market-oriented Smallholder Agriculture Project
EB 2010/100/R.19/Rev.1 Kenya: Programme for Rural Outreach of Financial Innovations and Technologies (PROFIT)
EB 2010/100/R.20 Uganda: Agricultural Technology and Agribusiness Advisory Services Project
EB 2010/100/R.21 Zambia: President's memorandum: Smallholder Agribusiness Promotion Programme – Supplementary grant
Latin America and Caribbean

EB 2010/100/R.23/Rev.1

Honduras: Sustainable Rural Development Programme for the Southern Region (Emprende Sur)

Near East and North Africa
EB 2010/100/R.24/Rev.1 Armenia: Rural Asset Creation Programme
EB 2010/100/R.25/Rev.1 Djibouti: President's memorandum: Programme of the Mobilization of Surface Water and Sustainable Land management – Supplementary grant

Agenda item 14

EB 2010/100/R.26 Planned project activities, including activities proposed and approved under lapse-of-time procedure 2010-2011

Agenda item 15

EB 2010/100/R.41/Rev.1 Implementation of Rule 24 of the Rules of Procedure of the Executive Board on the Lapse of time procedure

Agenda item 16

EB 2010/100/R.27/Rev.1 Project Procurement Guidelines
EB 2010/100/R.27/Add.1 Procurement Handbook

Agenda item 17

EB 2010/100/R.28/Rev.1 IFAD's Debt Sustainability Framework – Application of the modified volume approach

Agenda item 18

EB 2010/100/R.29/Rev.2 Establishment of the Spanish Food Security Cofinancing Facility Trust Fund

Revision 2 of this document pertains only to the English version

Agenda item 19

EB 2010/100/R.30 A Medium Term Plan for IFAD 2010-2012: Progress Report

Agenda item 20: Financial matters

EB 2010/100/R.31 Report of the Chairperson on the 115th session of the Audit Committee
EB 2010/100/R.32 Level of IFAD's General Reserve
EB 2010/100/R.33 Report on the status of contributions to the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD's resources
EB 2010/100/R.34 Report on IFAD's investment portfolio for the second quarter of 2010

Agenda item 21

EB 2010/100/R.35 Draft provisional agenda for the thirty-fourth session of the Governing Council

Agenda item 22: Other Business

EB 2010/100/R.36 Application for non-original membership
EB 2010/100/R.37 Minutes of the ninety-ninth session of the Executive Board
EB 2010/100/R.38 Silent observers at Executive Board proceedings
EB 2010/100/R.39 Election of representatives of the Governing Council to the IFAD Staff Pension Committee
EB 2010/100/R.40 Accreditation of IFAD as a multilateral implementing entity of the Adaptation Fund

Information notes

EB 2010/100/INF.1 Arrangements for the 100th session of the Executive Board
EB 2010/100/INF.2 Status report on arrears in principal, interest and service charge payments
EB 2010/100/INF.3 List of documents for the 100th session of the Executive Board
EB 2010/100/INF.4 Action required by the Executive Board with respect to governing body documents
EB 2010/100/INF.5 Progress report on implementation of the 2010 programme of work and the change and reform agenda: towards a more agile, efficient and effective institution
EB 2010/100/INF.6 Decisions and deliberations of the one-hundredth session of the Executive Board
EB/100/Rev.1 Minutes of the 100th session of the Executive Board