Note on the calculation of members' voting rights

Under the new system, the total votes are divided into two groups:

  • Original votes and
  • New Replenishment votes

Each of these is subdivided into two further groups:

  • Membership votes and
  • Contribution votes

A. Recalculation of the original votes:

  • In 1995, the Governing Council agreed that, of the original 1800 votes, 790 were membership votes divided equally among all members. This gives the present 176 members 4.489 membership votes each.
  • After subtracting the membership votes from the original 1800 votes, the remaining 1010 contribution votes are distributed among Members in accordance with their paid share of cumulative convertible currency contributions, up to and including the Third Replenishment, excluding any promissory note contributions against which accounting provisions have been made.
  • The 790 membership votes are redistributed each time a new member joins IFAD.

B. Creation and distribution of new votes linked to new replenishments:

The total number of new votes to be created in conjunction with each Replenishment from the Fourth onward is given by the ratio of 100 votes to the equivalent of USD 158 million of replenishment contributions in convertible currencies.
Taking the example of the Tenth Replenishment, the replenishment level of USD 1,070,140,9871, causes 677.304 votes to be created

Calculation to apportion total replenishment votes between membership and contribution votes.
The portion of total new replenishment votes defined as membership votes is calculated so that, Members of List C receive, as their membership votes, one third of the total new replenishment votes.

  • One third of 677.305 votes = 225.768 votes (i.e. total List C membership votes).
  • At the time2, List C had 139 members, therefore membership votes per member were obtained as follows: 255.768 ÷ 139 = 1.624 membership votes per member.
  • Multiplied by the number of Members, at the time 176, this gives: total membership votes = 1.624 x 176 = 285.865. The number of membership votes thus established is fixed and distributed equally among all members. This total is redistributed in the event that there is a change in the number of IFAD Members.
  • The remaining replenishment votes are contribution-linked votes: total votes 677.305 - membership votes 285.865 = contribution votes 391.440
  • These contribution votes are distributed among Members in accordance with their respective share in paid contributions to the Replenishment in question. The entire distribution of contribution votes will therefore be recalculated each time there is a change in the status of payments of contributions towards the Replenishment.

Membership votes are effective immediately upon the date specified in each respective Replenishment Resolution. Contribution votes are allocated to Member States upon receipt of cash or promissory note payment of individual members' contributions and are redistributed among all members according to the pattern of such received contributions.

With the 1800 original votes and the creation of new votes in conjunction with each Replenishment from the Fourth onwards, the total number of votes now stands at 4 961.026.

Last update: 4 October 2015

1/ Though the total amount of pledges received for the Tenth Replenishment was higher, this figure represents the total of pledges relating to vote-bearing contributions.

2/ At the time of creation of new votes under the Tenth Replenishment