Anticorruption and integrity

To carry out its mandate to help eradicate rural poverty, IFAD needs to ensure that development funds reach the rural poor in the most efficient, effective and transparent manner possible. IFAD is committed to promoting and adhering to the highest standards of probity and accountability in the use of its funding.  There is no room for fraud and corruption, which divert resources  elsewhere.  

In 2005, IFAD adopted an anticorruption policy. The policy's goal is to prevent fraud and corruption in IFAD-supported programmes and projects, and in contracts at the local, national, regional and international levels.

The anticorruption policy establishes zero-tolerance for irregular practices in projects financed through IFAD loans and grants, whether supervised directly by the Fund or by a cooperating institution.  The policy also establishes zero-tolerance for irregular practices  by staff, consultants or individuals acting as representatives of IFAD.   'Zero tolerance' means that IFAD will pursue all allegations falling under the scope of its policy and that appropriate sanctions will be applied where the allegations are substantiated.

IFAD will enforce a range of disciplinary measures and sanctions for all substantiated cases, in accordance with applicable IFAD rules and regulations and contractual provisions, including referral to competent national authorities, if necessary.  Where such cases concern individuals employed by another entity, the Fund shall take all possible steps to ensure that the other entity takes appropriate actions in a manner consistent with its policy. 

Under the anticorruption policy, IFAD will continue to improve its internal controls so as to ensure that it is effective in preventing, detecting and investigating fraudulent, corrupt, collusive and coercive practices pertaining to its staff, consultants or its representatives. 

It will take all possible actions to protect from reprisals individuals who submit allegations of corrupt practices in its activities and operations, as well as from unfair or malicious allegations.