Women are the driving force behind rural communities, yet they have less access to resources and services than men.

They're often overburdened with domestic tasks, while social norms prevent many from voicing their thoughts.

Join us and the Grammy award-winning Soweto Gospel Choir and sing for rural women so more people can hear why they matter.

Allies of Mother Nature


Heroes of agriculture


Growing food every day

They can show us the way

to a resilient future


See what other people are doing


Now it's your turn!

Step 1: Open the video on Instagram or TikTok

Step 2: Using the remix or duet function, record a video of yourself singing, dancing or playing along. Or add the song audio to your own video.

Step 3: Share it using the hashtag #Sing4RuralWomen

Promoting gender equality is central to IFAD's work.

More than half of the rural small-scale producers we support are women.

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