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The objective of IFAD’s funding programme is to secure the resources needed to make a difference in rural people’s lives, as described in IFAD’s Sustainable Development Finance Framework. At the same time, IFAD aims to optimize its borrowing cost over the medium- to long-term.

IFAD bonds provide investors with a high-quality asset and a unique chance to contribute to the 2030 Agenda, in particular zero poverty and zero hunger. The proceeds of loans and bonds will be used for IFAD-supported projects in 93 member countries across five regions, with the largest part of its loan portfolio in Africa.

IFAD is committed to crowding in resources to support its efforts to eradicate hunger and poverty in rural areas. Through the Integrated Borrowing Framework, IFAD collaborates with sovereign states, sovereign agencies and private institutional investors who support its mandate.



Our AA+ credit rating from both S&P and Fitch was obtained thanks to our strong capital structure, preferred creditor treatment, rigorous risk management and high liquidity.

IFAD issues private placements in a range of currencies and maturities. By investing in IFAD, investors have a unique chance to contribute to the 2030 Agenda through a high-quality and highly-rated investment.

IFAD’s Sustainable Private Placements

Country Amount Year
Sweden US$ 100 million 2022
Japan US$ 50 million 2022
Germany EUR 65 million 2023
France EUR 115 million 2023


IFAD multiplies its impact by mobilizing additional resources. For each US dollar financed, IFAD mobilizes US$1.4 dollars from other sources, most importantly from the governments themselves and from other development partners.



IFAD’s Sustainable Development Finance Framework lays out how proceeds are used to support 16 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the types of projects they finance, in compliance with ICMA’s Sustainability Bond guidelines.

Projects types include:

  1. Restoring and maintaining natural resources.
  2. Improving agricultural production and limit post-harvest losses.
  3. Strengthening inclusive rural finance.
  4. Securing basic services such as health and housing.
  5. Improving access to markets, networks and utilities.
  6. Promoting sustainable rural transformation among policy makers and institutions.

IFAD also mainstreams the following four themes in all its projects:

  1. Enhancing rural communities’ resilience to climate change.
  2. Promoting gender equality in rural communities by empowering women.
  3. Creating employment and training opportunities for youth.
  4. Improving local food systems and raising awareness about and knowledge of nutrition.

On 21 November 2023, IFAD launched its first impact report related to the issuances of 2022:

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There is good news today for the world’s most vulnerable and marginalised rural communities, as IFAD receives its first public credit rating. This sets the stage for increased investments in food security, employment, and rural economic growth, and is an important step towards the achievement of the SDGs.

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