The Japan-IFAD partnership

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The Japan-IFAD partnership

Japan is a strong advocate of “human security”, a principle that is embodied in its commitment to support the most vulnerable people while addressing broadly all dimensions of poverty. Japan’s vision is shared by IFAD, whose mandate is to economically and socially empower the poorest rural people in remote areas of developing countries.

IFAD’s strategic focus is closely aligned with Japan’s official development assistance priorities, including promoting food security and nutrition. Japan is a globally recognized leader on nutrition and in December 2021 hosted the Nutrition for Growth Summit, where IFAD has expressed its commitment to improve nutrition through better production systems that can increase the availability, affordability and consumption of diverse, safe, nutritious foods.

IFAD organized four side events in collaboration with partners and joined other organizations in endorsing the Summit declaration – the Tokyo Compact on Global Nutrition for Growth.



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