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165 Estados Participan en el Consejo de Gobernadores del FIDA

Comunicado de prensa No.: IFAD/07/09 En tiempos económicos difíciles, el FIDA es un aliado crucial para los pequeños agricultores, afirma el Secretario

IFAD provides US$21 million loan to Viet Nam to support agroforestry

Press release No.: IFAD/06/09 Rome, 16 February 2009 – A US$21 million loan from IFAD to the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam will contribute to sustainable

US$23.33 million IFAD grant for rural rehabilitation programme in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Press release No.: IFAD/04/09 Rome, 6 February 2009 - A US$23.33 million grant from IFAD to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the integrated rural

Le FIDA accorde un don d'un montant de 23,33 millions d'USD à la République démocratique du Congo pour un programme de réhabilitation de l'agriculture

Communiqué de presse : IFAD/04/09 Rome, 6 février 2009 - Le FIDA accordera un don d'un montant de 23,33 millions d'USD à la République démocratique du

New US$13.5 million IFAD grant to bolster food security and incomes among the Sudan’s Southern rural poor

Press release No.: IFAD/03/09 Rome, 5 February 2009 – A new project in The Sudan financed by IFAD will help 38,000 of the poorest and most vulnerable households

US$12.3 million IFAD grant to Tajikistan for Khatlon livelihoods support project

Press release No.: IFAD/02/09 Rome, 27 January 2009 - A US$12.3 million grant from IFAD to the Republic of Tajikistan for the Khatlon Livelihoods Support

US$16 million for an IFAD rural rehabilitation project in the Niger

Press release No.: IFAD/01/09 Rome, 15 January 2009 - US$16 million to the Republic of the Niger from IFAD will help boost good local governance in the

Tunis Recommendations on the African Remittances Marketplace

Wide consensus at IFAD Forum on measures to make migrants' home-bound cash go further Rome, 27 October 2009 - An international forum on remittances to

Kanayo Nwanze to visit Sichuan earthquake area on first visit to China as IFAD President

Rural poverty, food security and bilateral cooperation on top of discussion agenda with senior leaders in Beijing Rome – Beijing, 7 October 2009 - Kanayo

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