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13 NOV

Burkina Faso and IFAD to discuss country strategy aimed at enhancing agricultural development and supporting smallholder farmers

Idiomas: English, French
09 NOV

Peace and stability are not possible without rural development, says IFAD President ahead of Paris Peace Forum

Idiomas: English, French
06 NOV

En su primer acto en Panamá, el FIDA alerta de la relación entre la nutrición y los problemas sociales que afrontan las áreas rurales

Idiomas: Spanish
06 NOV

IFAD and Turkey establish a new sub-regional hub in Istanbul

Idiomas: Arabic, English
31 OCT

Building sustainable and resilient cities

Idiomas: English
31 OCT

IFAD and China invest US$183.5 million to reduce rural poverty through Agribusiness development

Idiomas: English
23 OCT

IFAD's operations support better living conditions for 50,000 rural Tunisian households

Idiomas: Arabic, English, French

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