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Weather Index-based Insurance in agricultural development: a technical guide

noviembre 2011
Poor rural people in developing countries are vulnerable to a range of risks and constraints that impede their socio-economic development. Weather risk, in particular, is pervasive in agriculture.

Enhancing market transparency

noviembre 2011
G20 leaders, meeting at their Seoul Summit in November 2010, requested FAO, IFAD, IMF, OECD, UNCTAD, WFP, the World Bank and the WTO to work with key stakeholders “to develop options for G20 consideration on how to better mitigate and manage the risks associated with the price volatility of food and other agriculture commodities, without distorting market behaviour, ultimately to protect the most vulnerable.” This mandate was part of a comprehensive Multi-Year Action Plan for Development, of which food security was one theme among several including infrastructure, human resource development, trade, private investment and job creation, and growth with resilience.

Building and operating a mini-hatchery - sand method

septiembre 2011
La producción avícola a pequeña escala es una importante fuente de ingresos y nutrientes para la población rural pobre en el mundo en desarrollo. El sistema se basa en el suministro regular de polluelos de gallina y pato. El presente manual describe: • cómo construir una minincubadora con arena • cómo obtener y seleccionar los huevos fértiles • cómo colocar los huevos en la incubadora • el mantenimiento cotidiano de la incubadora, y • el manejo de los polluelos al eclosionar.

Instrumentos de decisión del FIDA en la financiación rural

marzo 2010
The objective of IFAD Decision Tools for Rural Finance is to provide decision-making support for the IFAD country programme managers (CPMs), consultants, project staff and technical advisers who develop and implement rural finance projects. Built on the IFAD Rural Finance Policy (RFP) (IFAD 2009), as well as other good practice guides, this knowledge management tool is designed to help identify and answer the questions that arise in each rural finance project, provide background on key issues, define common terms, highlight risks and opportunities, and provide references for further investigation.

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