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Rural women's leadership programme in grass-roots organizations: a case study in Nepal

abril 2018
IFAD, with support from the Government of Norway, developed the Rural Women’s Leadership Programme (RWLP) to strengthen the role and voice of women leaders in rural organizations, including in policy dialogue.

Indigenous Peoples Glossary (English, French, Spanish)

abril 2018
This publication presents IFAD’s first glossary of terms related to indigenous peoples. It has been developed jointly by specialized staff in the Office of the Secretary (Language Services) and the Indigenous Peoples Desk in the Policy and Technical Advisory Division. The purpose of the glossary is to ensure consistency and accuracy of terminology in English, French and Spanish, and standardize the terminology used in relation to indigenous peoples in official documentation and publications, and in all aspects of meeting preparations. It is intended for use by IFAD staff, indigenous peoples' organizations and other interested parties. Terms and definitions are accompanied by details of the source document and its date of publication.

Metodologías basadas en los hogares

abril 2018
Las intervenciones en el sector agrícola para promover la igualdad entre los géneros y el empoderamiento de la mujer se centran principalmente en el fortalecimiento de las oportunidades económicas y la capacidad de adopción de decisiones de la mujer como agricultora o en grupo. Sin embargo, las mismas mujeres suelen quedar sin poder dentro del hogar.

Integrated promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment: economic empowerment, decision-making and workloads

abril 2018
The causes of gender discrimination pervade different aspects of our lives – social, economic, political, environmental – affecting gender roles and relations in domestic, productive and public domains and from the local to the international level. Time-bound development projects need to address the cross-cutting and multifaceted nature of gender inequality through multiple entry points.

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