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05 - 08 junio 2023

The Africa Agribusiness and Science Week (AASW8) gathers over 1,000 stakeholders involved in agriculture and agribusiness research and innovation in Africa.

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12 junio 2023

Behavioural science offers the promise of positive environmental and development outcomes. Yet evidence on which behavioural science tools work best for climate action is lacking.

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12 junio 2023

This event is an opportunity for Indigneous Peoples, farmers and youth representatives to discuss ways of strengthening partnerships during the IFAD13 cycle.


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14 - 16 junio 2023

El FIDA y la Oficina del Asesor Especial para África de las Naciones Unidas organizan la Cumbre 2023 del Foro Mundial sobre Remesas, Inversión y Desarrollo (GFRID).

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28 junio 2023

¿Cómo lograr que la innovación y las inversiones de impacto beneficien a la población rural pobre?

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Eventos pasados

25 mayo 2023

This webinar will launch the International Day of Family Remittances (IDFR) campaign and will set the stage for the upcoming Global Forum on Remittances, Investment and Development (GFRID) Summit 2023.

25 abril 2023

To help African farmers be ready to adopt new technologies, the Alliance for a Green revolution in Africa (AGRA), partnered with IFAD under the project "Improving Delivery of Seed and Soil Fertility Technologies" (IDSST).

22 abril 2023

El FIDA acogerá un acto sobre "Informar sobre cuestiones indígenas de forma segura y significativa".

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