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Respuesta del FIDA a la Guerra en Ucrania: Iniciativa para hacer frente a la crisis (CRI)

mayo 2022
Este informe expone los elementos clave de la respuesta del FIDA a los impactos mundiales de la guerra en Ucrania. Tomando como base la vasta experiencia del FIDA en el fomento de la resiliencia, nuestro objetivo en la respuesta a esta nueva crisis es proteger los logros en materia de desarrollo y los medios de vida de la población rural pobre, reforzando al mismo tiempo su resiliencia, centrándonos en los países más pobres y afectados.

Multiple roles of farmers’ and producers’ organizations in responding to the Covid-19 crisis

mayo 2022
Faced with a triple health, economic, and social crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) have been called on by members and partners to play a variety of roles in response to the crisis.

Research Series 72: Climate change and food system activities - a review of emission trends, climate impacts and the effects of dietary change

mayo 2022
This article reviews how food system activities contribute to climate change and how dietary changes affect food systems. It shows that while emissions from food production are increasing in most regions, emissions from land use change are decreasing.

Research Series 71: Urbanizing food systems: exploring opportunities for rural transformation

mayo 2022
This paper shows that while anticipated increases in food demand by 2050 can largely be met regionally, potential yield increases or diversification will not contribute automatically to inclusive rural transformation. Instead, urbanization may potentially increase rural inequality and poverty.  

Research Series 70: Do not transform food systems on the backs of the rural poor

mayo 2022
Although the importance of inclusion in food system transformation is gaining traction, this paper argues that recent research and discourse on the topic is insufficient and that specific actions are needed to ensure that this transformation does not take place on the backs of the rural poor.

Sistemas alimentarios sostenibles y resilientes de los pueblos indígenas para una mejor nutrición

mayo 2022
Esta caja de herramientas ofrece pautas sobre cómo diseñar y evaluar proyectos de biodiversidad alimentaria y diversidad dietética en colaboración con las comunidades locales, con el objetivo de mejorar la dieta y la nutrición de los Pueblos Indígenas.

Investing in rural people in Rwanda

abril 2022
Since 1981, IFAD has financed 19 rural development programmes and projects in Rwanda, for a total amount of US$358.04 million, and directly benefiting about 1,540,157 rural households.

Investing in rural people in Kenya

abril 2022
Since 1979, IFAD has invested US$455.09 million in 20 programmes and projects in Kenya (at a total cost of US$980.31 million), in support of the Government’s efforts to reduce rural poverty.

Policy brief: Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) - Indigenous peoples-driven development pathways

abril 2022
This policy brief explains what FPIC is, how IFAD seeks FPIC, and examples of how IFAD and indigenous peoples are working together with FPIC.

Resilient Food Systems Programme Highlights 2021

abril 2022
Resilient Food Systems (RFS) promotes a holistic approach to enhancing agricultural productivity and restoring degraded landscapes in smallholder farming systems. This report showcases the achievements and innovations of the programme across 12 countries in 2021.

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