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Research Series 87: Incorporating the Impact of Climate and Weather Variables in Impact Assessments

noviembre 2022
This paper outlines a methodological strategy for incorporating weather and long-term climate conditions into impact assessments, based on an IFAD-supported project that invested in grain storage in Chad.

Diálogos en directo - Escuchar a la población rural africana

noviembre 2022
Los Diálogos en directo de Farm Radio International reunieron las perspectivas y experiencias de la población rural de Etiopía y Burkina Faso en su lucha contra el cambio climático. La gente respondió a las preguntas de la encuesta y dejó mensajes de voz compartiendo sus opiniones y experiencias sobre el cambio climático y lo que los líderes mundiales deberían hacer para ayudarles a adaptarse y prosperar.

ASAP Technical Series: Gender and Climate Change

noviembre 2022
This paper defines gender sensitive as recognizing different roles of women, men, boys and girls, inequalities and gender power dynamics and trying to mitigate negative impacts in programme/action design.

The Rome-Based Agencies Joint initiative for Home-Grown School Feeding

noviembre 2022
FAO, IFAD and WFP are leveraging South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) to support national Home-Grown School Feeding Programmes (HGSF).

The China-IFAD SSTC Facility Brochure

noviembre 2022
Established in 2018, the China-IFAD South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) Facility is a partnership between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and IFAD aiming to leverage knowledge, innovation, technology and resources from the Global South to tackle poverty and sustain food systems transformation.

Agricultural innovations elevating Africa

noviembre 2022
This publication highlights some of the innovations in rural development promoted in Kenya, Tanzania and other African countries by IFAD and AGRA.

The Ireland-IFAD partnership

noviembre 2022
Ireland and IFAD share a commitment to empower rural people to overcome poverty and hunger through sustainable development.

The Japan-IFAD partnership

noviembre 2022
Japan is a strong advocate of “human security”, a principle that is embodied in its commitment to support the most vulnerable people while addressing broadly all dimensions of poverty. Japan’s vision is shared by IFAD, whose mandate is to economically and socially empower the poorest rural people in remote areas of developing countries.
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The Republic of Korea–IFAD partnership

noviembre 2022
The Republic of Korea is one of the founding members of IFAD and currently sits on the Fund’s Executive Board. The Republic of Korea and IFAD remain committed to eradicating poverty and hunger, and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How to do Note: Designing for and monitoring resilience for vulnerable rural households

noviembre 2022
The RDMT aims at providing a framework for building the resilience of rural households and a step-by-step guide to designing for and monitoring the performance of resilience-building interventions during project implementation.

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