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The Switzerland-IFAD partnership

junio 2023
IFAD and Switzerland are both advocating for a peaceful world with zero poverty and hunger. With more than 40 years of partnership, they are committed to working together for a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive future.


junio 2023
To help strengthen country systems, IFAD and the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization developed BuildPROC, a three-levels online certification programme in procurement for agricultural and rural development.

Serie de investigaciones del FIDA 90: Transformación rural, crecimiento de la renta y reducción de la pobreza por provincias en China en las últimas cuatro décadas

junio 2023
China ha experimentado una rápida transformación rural en las últimas cuatro décadas, acompañada de un aumento de la renta de los hogares rurales y un descenso de la pobreza rural. Este documento examina la transformación rural provincial y sus principales resultados.

The China-IFAD partnership

mayo 2023
IFAD was the first international financial institution to lend to China. Since 1981, IFAD has worked with China to eliminate extreme poverty, increase food security and nutrition, and promote agricultural and rural development.
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