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Support to Farmers’Organizations in Africa Programme (SFOAP) - Main Phase 2013-2017

junio 2013
This brief paper presents the main phase of SFOAP (2013-2015). During this period the Programme will help African FOs to evolve into more stable, performing and accountable organizations that effectively represent their members and advise them on farming enterprises.

Glossary on gender issues

marzo 2017
This publication presents IFAD’s first glossary of terms related to gender issues.

Land tenure security and poverty reduction

marzo 2015
Land is fundamental to the lives of poor rural people. It is a source of food, shelter, income and social identity. Secure access to land reduces vulnerability to hunger and poverty. But for many of the world’s poor rural people in developing countries, access is becoming more tenuous than ever.

Instrumentos de decisión del FIDA en la financiación rural

marzo 2010
The objective of IFAD Decision Tools for Rural Finance is to provide decision-making support for the IFAD country programme managers (CPMs), consultants, project staff and technical advisers who develop and implement rural finance projects. Built on the IFAD Rural Finance Policy (RFP) (IFAD 2009), as well as other good practice guides, this knowledge management tool is designed to help identify and answer the questions that arise in each rural finance project, provide background on key issues, define common terms, highlight risks and opportunities, and provide references for further investigation.

How to do note - Key performance indicators and performance-based agreements

octubre 2014
This how to do note addresses KPIs and PBAs at the level of partnering financial institutions. In this context, key performance targets are included in various documents, including strategic plans, business plans and possibly budgets at different levels. Also, they can be used as an important support instrument for results-based management.

Toolkit: Key performance indicators and performance-based agreements

octubre 2014
This note provides an overview on key performance indicators and performance-based agreements highlighting the main issues, challenges, opportunities and benefits.

Lessons learned: Key performance indicators and performance-based agreements

octubre 2014
Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be used in an IFAD-sponsored project to measure performance in a regular and consistent manner. This note discusses the use of KPIs as well as the challenges associated with it. This discussion is followed by a review of the lessons learned by IFAD and other organizations, and concludes with strategic recommendations for follow-up.