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In Zambia, I saw rural resilience first-hand

junio 2024 - BLOG

IFAD Associate Vice-President Guoqi Wu shares insights after a visit to project areas in Zambia, which has been hit hard by drought.

When it comes to protecting biodiversity, we must all do our part

mayo 2024 - BLOG

Biodiversity in all its forms has transformative power – protecting it requires a whole-of-society approach, in which we all play our part. 

6 ways IFAD is helping to prevent the next pandemic

mayo 2024 - BLOG

Given the complex interconnections between the health of animals, people and the planet, how can we prepare ourselves for the next pandemic? Here’s how IFAD’s investments are helping.

With new geospatial tools, mapping environmental impact is as easy as ABC

mayo 2024 - BLOG

Launched this year by the IFAD-hosted Agri-PBD Platform, the ABC-Map uses satellite data to get a holistic view of environmental impact without requiring any ground data.