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The Power of Knowledge: how access to information could reduce conflict and increase food security in the Arab world

abril 2016
The Arabspatial knowledge platform emerged as part of the IFAD-IFPRI partnership to promote open-access data and M&E tools for the Arab World. Not a day

Burkina Faso Farmers Working Together for a Better Future

abril 2016
Smallholder farmers from the Sahelian part of Burkina Faso are becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate change. Rising temperatures are accelerating

Why are rural youth leaving farming?

abril 2016
Unemployment for youth is a growing concern in Africa. Youth account for 60 per cent of all unemployed, according to the World Bank. 6 April, Rome – Rural

Access to land and water critical for smallholder farmers

abril 2016
12, November 2015 – A few years ago environmental specialist Ray Gama began working with small farmers in Swaziland's Lubombo region, an area known for

Los pequeños agricultores afrontan los efectos del cambio climático en los Andes ecuatorianos

abril 2016
Francisco Don Pacho Garcés es el presidente de la asociación de pequeños agricultores de la comunidad Fray Mariano Benítez, en la provincia de Tungurahua,

How an innovative 'sand' dam is causing a rush for water in Somalia

marzo 2016
In the sub-regions of Maaroodi-Jeex and Awdal, in the arid and semi-arid region of Somaliland, an innovative water management solution is helping small farmers stay in business despite the changing weather patterns.

The benefits of bamboo: support for livelihoods, the environment and women’s empowerment

marzo 2016
An IFAD grant-supported programme has demonstrated the enormous potential of bamboo in contributing to rural poverty reduction in several countries in

La colaboración intercontinental mejora las vidas de pequeños agricultores

marzo 2016
27 DE MARZO DE 2015 – La ciencia es el pilar de las mejoras, y la agricultura es el pilar de la seguridad alimentaria. Mediante el programa , esos dos

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