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Equal rights begin in the home: household mentoring in Uganda

enero 2015
Household mentoring is an innovative tool that provides the skills and knowledge that enable poor families to improve their well-being and incomes. And, as an IFAD-supported programme in Uganda has shown, it also promotes greater equality and shared decision-making among household members.

Rana Al Saadi, Arabic Senior Translator/Reviser

enero 2015
As a Syrian translator/interpreter based in Damascus, I was not really aware of the pockets of extreme poverty in some of the rural areas of the country. I was recruited as a freelancer to accompany an Evaluation Committee mission to Jabal Alhus where IFAD financed a development project.

Moses Abukari, Regional Programme Manager

enero 2015
Growing up in Ghana, I could not fathom why some people were less privileged than others. I yearned for an opportunity where I could support underprivileged people in and beyond my country.

What can you do about a vanishing nation?

diciembre 2014
For the people of Kiribati, who live on narrow strips of land about the width of a city block just two metres above sea level, rising levels is a trend that spells disaster.

Pascaline Bampoky: interview transcript

diciembre 2014
LPascaline Bampoky is a farmer and entrepreneur living in Bignona village, Casamance province, Senegal. She was aged 30 when she was interviewed on 11

Safiétou Goudiaby: interview transcript

diciembre 2014
Safiétou Goudiaby is a farmer living in Kagnarou village, Casamance province, Senegal. She was about 70 years old when she was interviewed on 20 November

Oumar Diédhiou: interview transcript

diciembre 2014
Oumar Diédhiou is a farmer living in Badiana village, Casamance province, Senegal. He was aged 22 when he was interviewed on 25 April 2010 for the Rural

Bintou Sambou: interview transcript

diciembre 2014
Bintou Sambou lives in Bignona village, Casamance province, Senegal. She was aged 45 when she was interviewed on 5 December 2009 for the Rural Poverty

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