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Del desempleo al emprendimiento: ayudar a los jóvenes árabes de las zonas rurales a controlar su propio futuro

julio 2015
En la región del Cercano Oriente y África del Norte, 17 millones de jóvenes (es decir, más del 20 % de la población) carecen de empleo. Esta cifra supera a la de cualquier otra región del mundo.

A new biogas system for Africa

julio 2015
Biogas is becoming increasingly more popular as a form of energy to power rural communities in Africa who live far away from the electricity grid.

The Road to Addis: Partnership is the cornerstone of development

julio 2015
This week the international community gathers in Addis Ababa for the . The conference aims to mobilize the resources needed to finance the proposed . Solving

Rome-based agencies propose post-2015 targets for sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition

julio 2015
ROME, 9 April 2014 – During a high-level dialogue held in Rome last week, the three Rome-based United Nations agencies presented a suggested set of targets

Community Radio reaching out to small scale farmers in Mozambique

mayo 2015
Local radio stations can be a powerful means of communication, particularly to smallholder farmers located in remote rural places. When listening to the radio, they feel connected to the rest of the world and become better informed.

What can Make or a Break a Farmer

mayo 2015
If you are a farmer with land to harvest and your machinery is old and often broken, you have a problem. If you need to feed your family and earn a living from your crops, you have an even bigger problem.

Recipes for Change: Lamb tagine with Moroccan truffles

mayo 2015
Las tierras altas del este de Marruecos, que se encuentra aproximadamente entre 1000-1400m sobre el nivel del mar, se extienden por más de cuatro provincias.

IFAD and Expo Milano 2015: Feeding the planet, energy for life

abril 2015
The universal exposition running in Milan from May through October fosters a dialogue about global challenges involving nutrition and natural resources that are key for IFAD and its UN partners.

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