Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty


Story from the field

Somalia: Spotlight on changing gender roles

Long plagued by conflict, drought and instability, Somalia's Somaliland region is opening up opportunities for rural women and men to revitalise their communities through gender empowerment.

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IFAD reports from the UN climate summit: Smallholders are key

Smallholder farmers are hard hit by climate change and must be part of any solution to this global crisis. Follow IFAD's reports from the 20th United Nations climate summit – known as COP20 – in Lima, Peru.

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Feature Story

Preventing food crises in Ebola-affected countries

At the 2014 World Food Prize symposium, IFAD calls for a rapid collective response to the crisis and long-term efforts to build rural resilience in West Africa.

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Feature Story

After the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, the hard work begins

High-level plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly adopts an outcome document calling for a system-wide action plan to implement the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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In focus

IFAD's commitment and call to action on smallholder family farming

The International Year of Family Farming has officially concluded, but IFAD continues to stress the importance of family farming in reducing poverty, improving food security and achieving sustainable rural development.

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In focus

The benefits of bamboo

An IFAD grant-supported programme has demonstrated the enormous potential of bamboo in supporting livelihoods, the environment and women's empowerment in several countries in Africa.

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NEN Climate

In focus

Spotlight on climate and environment: Latin America and the Caribbean

Get a glimpse into the approaches supported by IFAD that address climate change in the Latin America and the Caribbean region with up to date research, interactive maps, blogs and videos.

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Speeches and statements

Statement by IFAD Vice-President at the Gender Awards Statement by IFAD President at the Second International Conference on Nutrition Remarks by IFAD President at ILRI's 40th anniversary Statement by IFAD President to the Global Dialogue on Family Farming

Press releases

No Ordinary Matter: Conserving, restoring and enhancing Africa's soils Boosting incomes and developing climate-smart agriculture in rural Viet Nam New financing agreement to strengthen rural finance services in Uganda Globally rising demand for food: KfW contributes significantly to food security and rural poverty reduction IFAD invests in rural populations of western Côte d'Ivoire to boost food security and access to markets

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1-12 December:

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP20

4 December:

A Montpellier Panel Report Launch "No Ordinary Matter Conserving, restoring and enhancing Africa's soils

11 December:

Executive Board Informal Seminar on General Framework for Borrowing by IFAD

Recent Video

It's been more than a decade since Hurricane Ivan swept through the Caribbean island Grenada - but agricultural production is still half of what it used to be. Now a government project is helping farmers create viable businesses that can go global - and in doing so, restore agriculture's place in the island's economy.