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Helping women and men build a more secure and dignified future.

Land. We live on it. We grow from it. We drink from it. We build our futures upon it.

Many of the solutions to the world’s problems lie beneath our feet, in how land is governed and managed. Sustainable and equitable land use elevates ecosystems and communities. It builds democracy, justice, sustainability and resilience.

The International Land Coalition (ILC) is the largest and most diverse coalition working on land rights in the world. It has more than 300 member organizations covering 84 countries and representing over 70 million land users—such as farmers, pastoralists, Indigenous Peoples, women and youth. Together, they respond to the needs and protect the rights of those who live on and from the land.

Founded in 1995 and hosted by IFAD, ILC brings together civil society and intergovernmental organizations to respond to complex and rapidly changing realities. It is a space for constructive dialogue, where members work together and learn from one another as they determine transformative visions for land governance.

To achieve inclusive and sustainable development, ILC’s 2022-30 Strategy puts the power into the hands of people whose lives depend on land by ensuring they are at the core of ILC’s initiatives and at the centre of its decision-making processes.