Project procurement

IFAD’s project procurement

The procurement of goods and services for projects financed by IFAD is carried out by the recipients of IFAD loans and grants, and following IFAD’s Project Procurement Guidelines.

IFAD oversees procurement activities in each country where we operate to ensure they are conducted in a sound and efficient manner, and that IFAD funding is used as intended. Effective procurement oversight is closely tied to the successful and timely implementation of projects.

Working with recipients and local authorities, IFAD proposes customized procurement solutions at both country and project levels, while supporting capacity building and providing tailored technical assistance as required.

IFAD's project procurement framework helps achieve development effectiveness goals by:

  • Modernizing procurement to emphasize fit-for-purpose, choice, quality and value in public spending.
  • Promoting strengthened national procurement systems.
  • Promoting transparent and accountable public spending.



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IFAD Project Procurement Annual Report 2023

The 2023 Project Procurement Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of IFAD's project procurement activities throughout the year.

Joint Statement on Sustainable Procurement Initiatives

In this Joint Statement from the Heads of Procurement in Multilateral Development Banks, IFAD reaffirms its commitment to sustainable procurement. This global effort addresses climate change, gender inequality and inclusive growth challenges through harmonized procurement policies that focus on awareness, sustainability, resource development and impact monitoring.


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Shankar Achuthan Kutty

Senior Procurement Officer, Asia and the Pacific

[email protected]

Paul Kadonya

Senior Procurement Officer, East and Southern Africa

[email protected]

Sennai Kebedom

Policy and Results Analyst

[email protected]

Priscilla Torres Rossel

Chief, Project Procurement

[email protected]

Dhia Ben Halima

Senior Procurement Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean

[email protected]

Azaiez Nazih

Senior Regional Procurement Officer, Near East, North Africa and Europe

[email protected]

Carine Toure Yemitia

Senior Procurement Officer, West and Central Africa

[email protected]

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