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Mobilizing core resources to reduce rural poverty

IFAD’s core financing is drawn from several sources. These include contributions from Member States and other donors, investment income and loan reflows.

In order to assure continuity of the Fund's operations, the Agreement Establishing IFAD states that the Governing Council is to periodically review the availability of IFAD's resources.  

As a result of such a review, the Governing Council may deem it necessary or desirable to invite Members to make additional contributions to the Fund’s resources.

This year-long process, typically consisting of four main meetings is known as a replenishment consultation. It usually occurs every three years and serves three important functions:

  • it is the process by which IFAD mobilizes its core resources;
  • it is an exercise in accountability by which IFAD reports to its Member States on its strategy, reform and performance, usually at the mid-term of the previous replenishment period; and 
  • it provides an opportunity for feedback and strategic guidance from its Member States.

The Consultations on the Replenishments are now composed of Governors from 25 List A Member States, 10 List B Member States and 22 List C Member States. The representatives invited to participate in the Consultation sessions are the Governors, however they may designate others to represent them.

The process concludes with a report outlining the commitments that IFAD has agreed to undertake and the pledges of contributions from Member States. The report and a recommendation for its adoption are then submitted to the Governing Council for approval, through a specific Governing Council resolution on the replenishment.

IFAD's replenishments are unique in their high level of inclusivity – involving Member States from all Lists, and in the number of countries which contribute additional resources to the Fund – typically more than 100 countries in each replenishment cycle.


Draft Report for Feedback: IFAD13 Replenishment Report

The draft IFAD13 Replenishment report reflects the discussions of IFAD’s Member States held throughout the IFAD13 Consultation process. IFAD is inviting partners and interested stakeholders to review and provide feedback on the draft report from 18 to 29 September 2023.

Find out more and read the report.

For additional information on IFAD13, contact [email protected]

Explore the IFAD12 site.

Evaluating IFAD replenishments

Replenishment consultations are critical for IFAD's financial sustainability. They provide a unique platform to ensure accountability for results and encourage collective reflection on IFAD policy and strategic priorities.

A Corporate-Level Evaluation on IFAD Replenishments was undertaken in 2014. It identified some areas for further development to improve the replenishment processes, as well as highlighting the need for IFAD to intensify its efforts to mobilize resources beyond replenishment contributions.

The evaluation also highlights the value of simplifying the current results measurement framework, including by more explicitly defining a theory of change for achieving rural transformation.


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