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Financial reporting

IFAD delivers annually three sets of statutory financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial reporting Standards (IFRS) (IFAD consolidated financial statements, International Land Coalition, Global Environment Facility (GEF) Fund) which are audited by an independent External Auditor; delivers over 100 Donor Reports and  financial reports to other stakeholders. See also Financial indicators and trends.


IFAD has a robust Controllership function managing the IFAD Internal Control Framework for Operations as well as for Financial Reporting. IFAD established an Internal Control Framework over the Financial Reporting (ICFR). Effectiveness is certified by a Management assertion letter and supported by an External Auditor's attestation.

Data integrity and systems control

IFAD upholds strong data integrity and interface control between key corporate financial systems, such as IFAD’s core banking system and corporate financial and operational systems, which provide support to IFAD headquarters and country offices.

Corporate finance and fiduciary

IFAD provides other corporate finance and corporate fiduciary services including Contributions management (Replenishments), Treasury accounting, Fixed assets financial management, Petty cash policy and management including mobile banking option, budget and financial services for supplementary funds and hosted entities, support to EC Verifications as well as ICO support for advances, reconciliations and financial services to Partners.

Financial statements

Consolidated Financial Statements 2016

Type: Financial document, Financial statements

Consolidated Financial Statements 2015

Type: Financial statements

Consolidated Financial Statements 2014

Type: Financial document, Financial statements