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Nourishing people and the Earth through inclusive and sustainable agriculture

Eliminating hunger and malnutrition has far-reaching positive impacts on human well-being and economic growth. Hunger affects 783 million people worldwide, while 2.4 billion experience food insecurity. Malnutrition comes in many forms, including stunting, underweight, micronutrient deficiencies, overweight and obesity.

Small-scale farming households in developing countries are particularly vulnerable due to higher rates of poverty and limited access to services. Climate change, fragility, economic fluctuations and persistent inequalities exasperate food insecurity.

A cornerstone of good nutrition is access to affordable and healthy foods. This is a complex challenge influenced by many factors and so requires a multisector approach.

The Nourishing People and the Earth Through Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture grant is financed by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD). 

The programme has three main objectives:

  • Increase the availability of diverse and nutritious foods.
  • Promote the adoption of healthy eating habits and caregiving practices.
  • Strengthen decision-making capacities related to nutrition-sensitive agriculture.

The grant builds on existing projects to enhance access to diverse and nutritious foods for rural households in seven countries. Moreover, it strengthens IFAD’s nutrition capacity, fosters innovation and facilitates knowledge sharing.

Supported projects

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Inclusive Agricultural Value Chains Development Programme (DEFIS)


The Market Gardening Development Support Project


Smallholder Irrigation Revitalization Programme (SIRP)


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