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  • Making sure rural communities won't be left behind in the response to COVID-19


IFAD calls for greater investment to end extreme poverty and hunger

Ending extreme poverty and hunger will be difficult without more investment and more innovative approaches. 

Learn more about our Case for Investment.


COVID-19 pandemic

Research and data

  • 2019 Rural Development Report

    IFAD’s RDR 2019 finds that this enormous rural youth population can pay a rich dividend in terms of social and economic growth – but only if they are given the right opportunities.

  • IFAD Annual Report 2018

    Learn about IFAD's work, investments and results in our 2018 Annual Report.

IFAD and the SDGs

About us

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international financial institution and a specialized agency of the United Nations dedicated to eradicating poverty and hunger in rural areas of developing countries. 

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