IFAD Action Plan - Rural Youth

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IFAD Action Plan - Rural Youth

This Rural Youth Action Plan sets out the framework and guides youth-sensitive agriculture and rural development investments at IFAD. What does this mean for IFAD? In short, a “youth-sensitive” project is one that (i) describes youth and its context-based challenges and opportunities in the project design analysis; (ii) informs a targeting strategy that explicitly targets youth with concrete objectives and activities to achieve impact in priority areas (see below), expressed as part of the project’s theory of change, approach and results framework; and (iii) allocates resources to deliver activities targeting youth.

This working definition of “youth-sensitive” will be refined on the basis of IFAD’s experience in youth-sensitive programming and backed up by practical guidance. The official United Nations definition of “youth” is people between 15 and 24 years of age, but countries often adopt different definitions. All IFAD’s country strategic opportunities programmes and project designs will define youth on the basis of a country’s own definition.


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