Investing in rural people in the Kyrgyz Republic

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Investing in rural people in the Kyrgyz Republic

IFAD has invested in rural development in the Kyrgyz Republic since 1996.

Until 2011, IFAD had provided cofinancing of US$20.4 million to three World Bank projects active in the Kyrgyz Republic. At that time, IFAD’s country strategy focused on: improving natural resources management; increasing poor people’s access to financial services; fostering the development of rural microenterprises; supporting land privatization; and ensuring land ownership rights.

The second generation of IFAD’s engagement in the Kyrgyz Republic started in 2011, with the strategic focus moving towards emphasizing improved livestock productivity, enhanced climate resilience of pastoral communities, and improved integration of small-scale livestock farmers into remunerative markets. The Government recognizes IFAD as a key development partner in the livestock subsector and values IFAD’s integrated approach to addressing issues from the ground level up to policy and legislative concerns.