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Operations Academy: Project Start-Up - Level 1

June 2023
This course introduces IFAD’s Project Start-up, explains why a Project Delivery Team (PDT) should strive for a swift project start-up and what it can do to facilitate this.

Agritech and Fintech Providers in East and Southern Africa: A landscape assessment

May 2023
This report examines the universe of agritech and fintech providers that influence access to finance in East and Southern Africa, exploring their potential to become commercially viable and achieve scale.

Operations Academy: Strengthening project design - Level 1

May 2023
This course outlines each step of IFAD’s project design.

The China-IFAD partnership

May 2023
IFAD was the first international financial institution to lend to China. Since 1981, IFAD has worked with China to eliminate extreme poverty, increase food security and nutrition, and promote agricultural and rural development.
Additional languages: English, Chinese

RemitSCOPE: Kenya Country Diagnostic

May 2023
This diagnostic provides an assessment of Kenya’s remittance market, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, using a market-oriented approach.

RemitSCOPE: Ghana Country Diagnostic

May 2023
This Ghana country diagnostic was prepared in accordance with the PRIME Africa goals.

Operations Academy: Supervision Mission & Mid-Term Review

May 2023
This course enhances understanding and knowledge of the types of supervision missions.

RemitSCOPE: The Gambia Country Diagnostic

May 2023
The Gambia country diagnostic has been prepared in accordance with the PRIME Africa goals, to provide more in-depth analysis and additional evidence for the areas of action identified in the country road map.

Operations Academy: Strengthening Project Implementation

May 2023
The course enhances knowledge of IFAD’s Project Cycle, its key milestones and the roles of key actors involved in project implementation.

Operations Academy: Technology Transformation and Agriculture Fundamentals of ICT4D in Agriculture

May 2023
This course introduces the key principles and approaches to integrate digital solutions into IFAD’s work.

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